Enhance your lessons

Tidys is a real time interaction platform to be used inside the classrooms.
Our goal is to support the development of active learning classes using the students mobile phones.

Modular architecture

Inside the platform the presenter has a set of modules which will allow him to interact with the audience and carry out lots of engaging activities.


This module allows the presenter to upload a presentation. The presentation can be made in ppt, pptx, odt or pdf formats. Also, this module shows the list of loaded presentations, selecting one will throw it into the presentation panel. From here you can add, edit and delete your presentations.

Presentation Panel

Once a presentation is selected from the slides panel, it will be trhown into the presentations panel, where the slides will appear one by one controled by the remote control. The main thing in this panel is that the slides can contain any web content. This means that everything that you can see in a web browser can be added to your presentation effortless. This includes, online videos, animations, simulators, 3D content, and many other web applications.

Remote Control

The remote control is the panel which allows the presenter to use most of the available tools. Among the functions available you can find; a laser pointer, a button to upload a picture directly to the next slide, buttons to go forward or backward in your presentation (touch and click events) and a timer. Also, you can launch the questions prepared in the presentation editor. This is a responsive panel, adapted to any mobile device, so it's very easy to use even if you're not watching your phone.


The questions module allows the presenter to add multiple choices or alternatives questions to the presentation. Everything inside the question can be HTML content. This means the question can be anything from text to a picture or even a video, while the answers can also be multimedia content, text, equations, whatever you need. Once the question is launched by the presenter, the content will be automatically displayed on the audience phones. When the audience answers to the question, a real time plot will appear on the presenter phone. Also the presenter can display the graphs in the presentation.

Add picture

This module allows the presenter to add a picture directly from the remote control panel. This means the presenter can take a picture while making the presentation, draw something on a piece of paper and show it in real time to the audience. The picture will appear in the next slide. The audience will also receive the picture in real time, so they can see it on their devices too.